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Researchers innovate wearable robot technology

Innovation in robotic technology is expanding all over the world. Sogang University, department of mechanical engineering, researchers and students created the wearable robot, ANGELEGS and the WalkON Suit. Recently, Kenneth CLAYTON, Senior VP of Dassault Systemes SOLIDWORKS and Chulsoo LEE, Dean of Mechanical Engineering, Sogang University, participated in the MOU ceremony for the advancement of wearable robot development in Korea.
Professor Kyungchul KONG of Sogang University and his research team have developed various wearable robots with SOLIDWORKS to support physically challenged people who are unable to walk.
ANGELEGS, the wearable robot, is for patients or older people who have weak muscular strength. The WalkON Suit is a wearable robot helping completely paralyzed people to walk with sensing the user's intention and moving switches and motors according to the sensed intention.
Dassault Systemes and Sogang University will collaborate for the future development of wearable robots and young talent. Prof KONG's team is preparing to participate in 'Cybathlon', Robot Olympics, Switzerland, for complete paralysis walking with wearing robots in the advancement of assistive technologies.
Prof KONG explains "Wearable robots have many variables to consider as it should be used with real humans. With using intuitive solutions of DS SOLIDWORKS, I could conveniently proceed with design, verification, communication, data management and more. With collaboration with Dassault Systemes, I will accelerate research on wearable robots not only for medical purpose but also for older people."
Source and images: DS SOLIDWORKS
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