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Robotics Research
Posted on June 21, 2017

Kar-Go autonomously delivers packages to your door

The Academy of Robotics based in the UK is developing Kar-Go, an AI controlled pod-shaped driverless vehicle to autonomously deliver multiple packages to residential areas, without the need for humans in last mile delivery. This allows customers to receive deliveries at almost any time, and at a fraction of the traditional cost.
Using a combination of advanced robotics and driver-less vehicle technology, Kar-Go removes up to 90% of the cost associated with the last mile of delivery. Kar-go streamlines the process by introducing electric, autonomous vehicles with the company's intelligent package management. The system is optimised to autonomously drive on un-marked roads, making the vehicle perfect for deliveries in residential areas.
Kar-Go vehicles are designed to be a fully-autonomous system that expects the vehicle's performance to equal that of a human driver, in every driving scenario. Within the vehicle is a system of compartments and each compartment contains packages belonging to different customers. As the vehicle arrives at each delivery address, the system automatically selects the package belonging to the corresponding customer for delivery.
The Academy of Robotics is based at a UK university allowing the team to be able to leverage their resources such as labs and equipment which keeps costs low. So far, they have a working prototype robot which can drive itself on an unmarked roads and pavements between any two locations, simultaneously working with UK car Manufacturer Pilgrim and artificial intelligence specialists NVIDIA to create street legal versions.
Founder and C.E.O. Pasi William Sachitii is a serial entrepreneur whose last three companies were acquired. The latest, MyCityVenue, an A.I. driven experiences platform serving 1.6 million users was acquired in 2014 by Secret Escapes. Lead inventor of the Sky-Highway System and the Edge of Space Anti-Drone UAV, Pasi studied robotics at Aberystwyth University, who provided the initial £10,000 grant to get the project started.
Source and images: The Academy of Robotics
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