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Kansai Airports trials check in robots

Kansai Airports is planning to conduct a trial test of self-service kiosk KATE in KIX that will move to help passenger's check-in, the first of its kind in Asian airports. KATE is an automated check-in robotic kiosk that has been developed and undergoing demonstration tests by SITA, a company specializing in aviation data communication technology.
This trial was determined as the first step toward the utilization of the latest robotic technology in the airport with an aim to accelerate our Fast Travel efforts.
The cordless kiosk will use preinstalled application software to store geolocation data, and its built-in battery enables its movement to congested check-in counters. Wirelessly interacting with airlines' check-in systems, it will deliver the same services as those of conventional automated kiosks fixed on the floor. Furthermore, more flexible check-in assistance according to the situation will be available by pre-programing on the machine, based on operations information such as flight information and passenger flow. Introducing this smart kiosk will lead to reduced waiting time and stress for passengers.
Equipped with collision avoidance technology enabling it to move around check-in counters safely, this maintenance-free kiosk can also automatically return to its docking station when its battery is getting low.
Sumesh Patel, President of Asia Pacitifc at SITA, made the following statement: "Japan has always been a forerunner in robotic innovations and intelligent technology. It is no surprise that Kansai Airports is leading the industry with the trial of SITA's intelligent check-in kiosk, KATE. SITA has been the technology partner of Kansai Airports for the past three years, and we are thrilled to be partnering with the airport to introduce intelligent machines to improve the passenger experience. KATE uses various data sources, including flight and passenger flow information, to identify where additional check-in kiosks are required to reduce passenger queue times at check-in. SITA will work with Kansai Airports to evaluate how this new technology is able to provide an even better traveler experience at the airport."
Kansai Airports will continue to actively adopt cutting-edge technology and improve convenience at the airports, delivering a comfortable and pleasant travel experience to its customers.
"Fast Travel" is IATA/ACI's recommended initiatives that aim to provide travelers with efficient services through smooth check-in and other procedures.
Source and top image: Kansai Airports
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