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Robotics Research
Posted on May 03, 2018

Transforming robots for rides at amusement parks

J-deite Ride LLP, Asratec Corp, Sansei Technologies Inc and BRAVE ROBOTICS Inc announced a prototype of the ridable transforming humanoid robot "J-deite RIDE". For more information see the IDTechEx report on new robotics.
J-deite RIDE is a 4-meter tall robot that can transform from a bipedal walking humanoid form (robot mode) to a wheel-driven form (vehicle mode) and back. Up to two people can ride the robot and is operable from the driver's seat. It can also be operated by remote-control via wireless network. BRAVE ROBOTICS designed and developed the hardware, including the unique transforming mechanism, and Asratec's robot control system "V-Sido" performs the robot motions such as the transformation, bipedal walking, wheel driving and more. Mechanical designer Kunio Okawara cooperated in the robot design.
J-deite RIDE will be showcased this week. Sansei will seek to develop and commercialize transforming robot type amusement rides for amusement parks, such as "transforming go-karts" or "transforming demonstrations at parades", with use of the transforming technology of J-deite RIDE.
The robot takes just under two minutes to transform between modes, and its walking speed is around 100 meters per hour, but when transformed into a vehicle J-deite Ride's maximum theoretical speed in car mode is 60 kilometers per hour.
Source and images: J-deite Ride LLP
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