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Frozen yoghurt robots, eliminates need for staff

Launching off the overwhelming success in US markets, Reis & Irvy's frozen yogurt robots, are set to disrupt the industry in Canada. For more information see the IDTechEx report on new robotics
Reis & Irvy's was first introduced to Canada just a few months ago, and more than twenty robots have already sold, with almost no advertising. Only slightly larger than the average vending machine, and fully self functioning, the frozen yoghurt robots can be placed practically anywhere, making them a secure investment for franchise owners.
"Once people understand the product and its technology, they immediately realize how unique and cool it is. Having seen them in action myself, I can guarantee they will surpass people's already high expectations," said Brett Beninger, President of Reis & Irvy's Canada. While food service companies like McDonald's and Domino's have moved in the direction of automating customer ordering, Reis & Irvy's has automated both the ordering and the preparation process, eliminating the need for staffed labour all together.
Froyo Robots Facts:
  • Dispense up to 60 cups of frozen yogurt per hour
  • Cash and credit card transactions
  • Accepts Apple Pay and Google Wallet
  • Hygienically enclosed and self-contained
  • Small footprint of 15-square feet
  • Double Barrel System offers 7 flavors including a twist option
  • NSF, NAMA and UL Certified
  • Offers up to 6 topping options
  • Easily disassembled for routine maintenance
  • Temperature sensors will alert operator remotely
  • Hourly/daily usage and maintenance reports
  • Energy efficient, 220V/30A Electrical Usage
  • Can serve up to 200 cups of frozen yogurt before needing to be refilled
Source and top image: Reis & Irvy
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