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Personal robot to tidy your room

Japanese company Preferred Networks Inc (PFN) will unveil a fully-autonomous tidying-up robot system, which is currently under development through a technical demonstration this week. For more information see the IDTechEx report on Mobile Robots and Drones in Material Handling and Logistics 2018-2038.
PFN is developing technology to create a society where robots can actively support our daily living activities. Unlike in controlled and regulated environments like factories, robots in the home need to respond flexibly to dynamic and complex situations and communicate naturally with humans.
PFN will demonstrate the new robot system using HSRs (Human Support Robots) developed by Toyota Motor Corporation and showcase their ability to keep a cluttered room neat and tidy. This has been difficult to achieve using conventional technologies based on object recognition and robot control. The deep learning-based robots can recognize various scattered household items like clothes, toys, and stationery, grasp and place them in their designated locations. In the demonstration, PFN will also show that these cleaning robots can be controlled intuitively through verbal and gestural instructions.
Source and image: Preferred Networks Inc
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