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$7.5 billion 'smart mini-city' to be built in Las Vegas

Bleutech Park Las Vegas, sponsored by Bleutech Park Properties Inc, is breaking ground in the Las Vegas Valley in December 2019 as the first city in the world to boast a digital revolution in motion, redefining the infrastructure industry sector. This $7.5 billion, six year project, will be constructed of net-zero buildings within their own insular mini-city, featuring automated multi-functional designs, renewable energies from solar/wind/water/kinetic, autonomous vehicles, artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality, Internet of Things (IoT), robotics, supertrees, and self-healing concrete structures.
Bleutech Park's mixed-use environment featuring workforce housing, offices, retail space, ultra-luxury residential, hotel and entertainment will introduce a new high-tech biome to the desert valley. For more information see the IDTechEx report on Smart City Opportunities: Infrastructure, Systems, Materials 2019-2029.
Bleutech is committed to the creation of jobs, raising job quality and anticipates to exceed 25,000 jobs, providing on-the-job training programs with latest technology to train the construction workforce of the future.
Bleutech aims at tackling issues such as affordable housing through the development of "Workforce Housing." This unique approach intends to serve the housing needs of people employed in jobs that the general population relies upon to make the community economically viable, such as nurses, police officers, teachers, firemen, and multiple others within a description of service to their communities. Workforce Housing is the cornerstone of Bleutech Park's vision and commitment to support a diverse workforce and ensure Las Vegas s economic, cultural, and health benefits accrue to people of all income levels.
"Laborers Local 872 is honored to join with Bleutech in building this state-of-the-art development. This is going to be a project unlike any other and it is great to see Las Vegas step to the forefront. With cutting-edge technology, innovative training methods and exceptional specialty construction materials, we look forward to providing Bleutech with the skilled workforce required to achieve the excellence only this project will deliver." said Tommy White, Business Manager & Secretary Treasurer, Las Vegas Laborers Union Local 872.
Project partners include Pavegen and Cisco.
Source and top image: Bleutech Park
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