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Eating better with AI

Foodvisor is an innovative nutrition application that helps people eat better thanks to A.I. From the simple picture of a plate of food, the app provides a nutritional report, as well as personalized advice from RD nutritionists. After helping 1 million French people adopt a healthier lifestyle, Foodvisor has officially launched in the UK with the mission of revolutionizing nutrition coaching.
Foodvisor is the an advanced AI-powered food diary that provides automatic photo recognition and personalized nutritional coaching. Simple, fast and fun to use, the app helps people keep track of their eating habits so they can learn what food items are especially good for them. With this key information, they are able to adopt healthier eating habits and achieve their individual health and wellness goals.
The team has developed proprietary Artificial Intelligence algorithms which enable them to identify over 1000 different food items, estimate serving sizes, and provide a detailed report on nutritional content. The algorithm is able to integrate new food items into its database for future recognition, allowing it to be in a constant state of learning with each new image. The algorithms are constantly improving and also learn from each user's personal habits to become even more accurate and personalized.
For the launch in the UK, local products barcodes were integrated into Foodvisor's database and the algorithms trained to recognize specific British foods. The objective is to achieve a level of recognition equivalent to French dishes.
The startup was co-founded by three AI specialists from a top Engineering school in France: Charles BOES, Yann GIRET and Gabriel SAMAIN. They were later joined by Aurore TRAN an ESSEC graduate specializing in Marketing and Innovation. The startup now employs 15 people and has won numerous awards.
Source and top image: Foodvisor
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