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Weed and Litter Killer Robots

A weeding robot for autonomous farming and a robot that liberates the beaches from litter. Dutch startup Odd.Bot will be demonstrating its mechanical weed-removal robot to the world which offers an alternative versus using harmful chemical herbicides. The second robot, developed by Project.BB, will show a "Beach cleaning Bot" that will contribute to increase the awareness about litter on beaches and will help to keep the beaches clean. For more information see the IDTechEx report on Mobile Robots, Autonomous Vehicles, and Drones in Logistics, Warehousing, and Delivery 2020-2040.
Smart and sustainable weeding
"For Odd.Bot, we have created a miniature set up for the fair, in which we use a conveyor belt to simulate that the robot drives over a field and whereby the robot arm briefly touches the weeds. This is to show the complete solution - from recognition, by means of a trained image recognition algorithm, to the mechanical processing - ", says Martijn Lukaart, initiator of Odd.Bot and Project.BB.
There is a lot of attention for robotization from both Europe and the United States. Specifically for agriculture, there is a high interest in the development of alternative forms of crop protection. The European Commission is committed to limiting chemical weed killers containing the active ingredient Glyphosate. In North America, tens of thousands of claims are already pending against the German chemical giant Bayer who had previously taken over the North American company Monsanto. This is a producer of glyphosate, a chemical which has been proven to increase the risk of cancer. The stock market value has fallen by 40% since the acquisition. Odd.Bot hopes to find partners and investors at the fair for the further development of the more sustainable robot.
Let's clean the beach together
Project.BB is developing a robot that can recognize litter on the beach, pick it up and collect it. This is highly essential as many beaches in the world are heavily polluted and the demand for sustainable solutions is increasing rapidly. In the Netherlands, coastal municipalities spend millions every year to keep the beaches clean, with costs up to 50,000 euros per kilometre per year. Currently half of these costs consist of manual cleaning costs. Project.BB aims to join forces with governments and municipalities to fulfil an essential need to clean beaches worldwide.
According to the initiators, the future of humanity requires "Robotics for a sustainable future".
Source: Odd.Bot
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