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Milrem Robotics Demonstrated Autonomous THeMIS UGV to the Italian Army

The European leading robotics and autonomous systems developer Milrem Robotics demonstrated their autonomous THeMIS unmanned ground vehicle to the Italian Army this week and launched a new program to assess and analyse the implementation of intelligent systems into the army's doctrine.
During the robotics and autonomous systems (RAS) capability spotlight last week the company successfully presented their THeMIS unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) enhanced with Milrem's Intelligent Functions Integration Kit (MIFIK) that features autonomous functions such as waypoint navigation and follow me. Although presented on the THeMIS, MIFIK can also be integrated onto other unmanned vehicles providing the same capabilities.
Together with the live demonstration Milrem Robotics also launched their Intelligent Systems Implementation Analysis and Assessment (IS-IA²) program designed to help armed forces implement intelligent systems into their capabilities.
IS-IA² is comprised of three steps: analysing the requirements of the armed forces, implementing the tailor-made RAS solution with the integration of provided and/or customized technologies for the armed forces by the local industry, and evaluating the outcome.
"IS-IA² provides armed forces support from initial planning to full implementation and post implementation analyses of intelligent and robotic systems with (NATO standard) concept development and experimentation methodologies. This enables customers to get support and solutions for any step in the process," said Cpt (ret) Jüri Pajuste, the Defence Research and Development Director of the company.
"With years of experience in RAS experimentations and related system integration Milrem Robotics is in a great position to be a technology partner and kick-start an innovative robotics and autonomous systems evaluation program to create or enhance new military capabilities," Pajuste added.
Milrem Robotics recently delivered four THeMIS UGVs to the Royal Netherlands army, increasing their THeMIS fleet to six units. Milrem Robotics is the system integrator who also performs all the integration of third-party technologies, including weapons systems, onto the delivered UGVs.
The THeMIS has been delivered to nine countries of which seven are NATO members, including France, Norway, the UK, and US.
Milrem Robotics recently launched the Type-X Robotic Combat Vehicle, intended to support mechanized units.
The company also leads iMUGS, an EDIDP funded project that develops the European standard architecture for unmanned ground vehicles and their management system, including cyber defence solutions, and demonstrates the advantages of unmanned systems for enhancing defence capabilities.
Source - Milrem Robotics
About Milrem Robotics
Milrem Robotics was established in 2013. Our mission is to provide innovative robotics solutions for challenging environments. We believe that our cutting-edge robotics solutions fulfil a higher purpose - enabling more meaningful lives.
Respect for the value of human life is our top priority, and we aim to retrieve people from danger areas and liberate them from dirty, dull, and dangerous tasks. Through our products and services, we seek to increase human safety and labour efficiency in a number of targeted industries, particularly in defence, agriculture, forestry, municipal services, rescue and mining.
By sparing and protecting human lives via innovative technology, we promote the idea of people dedicating time to realizing their true potential. We treasure lives lived to their fullest.
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