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ASPIRE2050 Signs Deal to Bring Virtual Robotics to Students in US

ASPIRE2050, a newly formed company offering educational robotics for students, will bring Robotify to learners in the United States.
Robotify allows students to master robotics and the basics of artificial intelligence with only a tablet, Chromebook or simple computer capable of accessing the Internet.
From Mars exploration to an autonomous submarine at the Great Barrier Reef, students learn and master robotics, coding and the basics of artificial intelligence from their classroom device, tablet, Chromebook or home computer.
Robotify brings students into a world allowing them to access and exercise various skills, including math, problem-solving, creativity, flexibility, resiliency, geography, environmental studies, engineering and art and design.
ASPIRE2050 is offering free 30-day trials to classrooms of up to 30 students with full access to curriculum and classroom management tools.
"We're living in a time when options for giving students best-in-class access to technology is no longer constrained by whether you have the budget to buy expensive equipment," said Jason Panella, one of the founders of ASPIRE2050.
Dr. Calvin Mackie, another ASPIRE2050 founder, whose life and work has been dedicated to bringing meaningful STEM learning solutions to underserved students, said robots shouldn't just be for wealthy kids.
"All students deserve opportunities to work with the best possible technologies. It is simply a matter of equity and social justice," said Mackie, who leads STEM NOLA, a New Orleans-based initiative that works to engage marginalized students in meaningful STEM learning opportunities.
"We are thrilled to be adding Robotify to ASPIRE2050's robotics solutions because of its affordability and accessibility," Mackie said.
Robotify's virtual solutions cost a fraction of traditional hardware-based programs.
Adam Dalton, co-founder and CEO of Robotify, said, "We're delighted to work with such an innovative company as ASPIRE2050. They're a perfect fit for us here at Robotify where we are preparing the young minds of today for the automated world of tomorrow, through the joy of virtual robots!"
Source - ASPIRE 2050
About ASPIRE2050
Empowering the world of today for opportunities of tomorrow.
ASPIRE2050 is a social impact project, featuring virtual AND experiential learning solutions for upper elementary and middle school students.
ASPIRE2050 is focused on robotics, artificial intelligence and meaningful interactions with professionals from students' own communities and across the world.
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