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Pepper Deployed to Help Limit Exposure to Viruses

As the whole world is still facing an unprecedented health crisis, SoftBank Robotics and its partners are developing new robotic solutions to help fight against the spread of the pandemic. Thanks to its partners, SoftBank Robotics has been able to deploy multiple Pepper robots all across EMEA to help companies and public places to enforce social distancing and mask wearing. For further information see the IDTechEx report on Mobile Robots, Autonomous Vehicles, and Drones in Logistics, Warehousing, and Delivery 2020-2040.
Pepper helping elderly at Casa Sollievo hospital in Italy
Thanks to the telepresence application called roboMate made by Behaviour Labs, Pepper can be remotely controlled to enter the room helping monitor hospitalized patients. The staff can communicate with the patient and check the health video monitor without physically accessing the room. The application roboMate also allows relatives to communicate with patients and thus maintain the link when visits are particularly restricted in the hospital.
In addition, doctors can remotely start specific tests and exercises for cognitive behavioral rehabilitation. It allows the patient to talk to the psychologist and execute therapy using RAT (Robot Assisted Therapy).
Pepper reminding mask wearing in malls in Germany
Thanks to ENTRANCE Robotics, Pepper has been deployed in multiple malls across Germany. Placed in the entrance area, Pepper has been tasked with reminding shoppers to wear masks. If Pepper recognizes a mask, he thanks them - if he doesn't, he kindly reminds them to put one on.
Pepper's presence is effectively combined with a screen displaying signal visuals to support Pepper's dialog and customer approach. He also gives the visitors a friendly welcome and reminds them the other barrier gestures.
Pepper assisting travelers in the Athens airport in Greece
Our partner Mobile Technology has deployed Pepper in the Athens International Airport. They have designed an application to inform and sensitize travelers regarding the protection measures that they need to take within the airport and during their flights, in order to stay safe from the coronavirus.
"Your health is our priority" is the message that Pepper is helping to spread in Greek and English-speaking travelers.
Pepper ensuring visitors safety at DEWA in Dubai
Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) deployed multiple Pepper robots in its Customers Happiness Centers and future Customer Happiness Centers to provide customers with the best AI empowered services and to ensure their safety. The Face Mask Detection application designed by DEWA allows Pepper to kindly remind the customers of the importance of wearing their masks and to maintain social distancing in DEWA Premises.
SoftBank Robotics continues to work with all of its certified partners to deploy agile and adapted solutions to help businesses as well as private and public institutions through this health crisis.
About SoftBank Robotics Europe
Leader in humanoid robotics, SoftBank Robotics Europe is headquartered in Paris and regroups about 400 employees. Creator of the robots NAO and Pepper, used today in more than 70 countries worldwide, in various fields, such as retail, healthcare, tourism and education, SoftBank Robotics Europe is a subsidiary of SoftBank Robotics Group Corp.
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