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Large area displays

Large area displays are not officially defined but the term is typically used to refer to electronic displays of one square meter or more. Printed versions of such displays exist today, the printed ac electroluminescent displays of Schreiner in Germany and elumin8 in the UK being examples. These are screen printed using layers of inorganic material. These have predetermined blocks of colour that can be switched on and off individually with a limited range of colours and the drive electronics is not yet printed. See ac electroluminescence.
The dreams for large area electronic displays include the wallpaper that changes pattern or acts as a cinema screen, the coating on a window that controls ultra violet and heating and the poster or billboard that has ten times the pulling power. However, there will also be displays wrapped around a person's forearm and incorporated into clothing. Printed lighting could curl around an architectural column. Direct replacement for today's electronic or electrical products will be a rarity with printed electronics.
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