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Sensors are the stars of the Show

At Sensors USA, you will find different kinds of sensors and their commercialization. The event will bring together material suppliers, component providers, sensor manufacturers and end users. With a program selected by analysts and industry experts, Sensors USA is the place to find the technologies and business partners to create the most innovative products.
Topics to cover:
Biosensors are used to detect and quantify biological material associated with a disease state or health condition (biomarkers). Biosensors are moving out of specialised laboratories and closer to the patient at the point-of-care. Glucose has been a very common biomarker to target because of its importance for diabetes management but nowadays biosensors and sensors for Medicare applications can do more. BSAC, Voler Systems and Henkel will come to talk about their solutions.
When we take a photo, it is essentially to project the 3D world onto a 2D surface. However, nowadays we want to realize more, especially add another dimensional information such as the depth information. 3D sensing and perception is a perfect technology for this purpose. From consumer electronics, to autonomous vehicles, 3D sensing and perception is an emerging technology in sensor area. Please come to the talks given by Velodyne LiDAR, Quanergy, FocalSpec, Cepton Technologies to learn more about 3D sensing & perception and their applications.
Another important application in consumer electronics area is biometric sensing. Common biometrics include fingerprint, face, iris, voice and vein pattern.
Fingerprint sensing has been quite familiar for us. Fingerprint sensors have become commodities and we can find them in many applications such as at the border and for time attendance use. New design of mobile phones requires new kinds of fingerprint sensor with easy integration into the display panel, as will be discussed by Synaptics, a giant in the mobile phone fingerprint sensor. Neurotechnology is another direction and Freer Logic will give more details.
The flexible, printed and large area sensors are usually associated with printed electronics, and these sensors represent a growing market. Although the biggest segment — blood glucose test strips — is currently shrinking, the next generation of printed sensors will enable other applications, from human-machine interfaces to environmental sensing. Companies including FlexEnable, Creative Materials, Brewer Science and Arjowiggins will talk about their solutions.
RFID and low power sensors are considered as a good solution for those who rely heavily on traditional batteries. RFID sensors are based on existing RFID infrastructure and expertise, but with sensing function added to RFID tags. RFID sensors are usually considered as one kind of low power sensors. Join Sensors USA to listen to the solutions provided by PowerCast, Infratab, PST Sensors and Alpha Szenszor.

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