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IDTechEx Release New Global 3D Electronics Market Report

IDTechEx Research, a trusted provider of independent market intelligence, announces the availability of a new report, "3D Electronics/Additive Electronics 2024-2034: Technologies, Players, and Markets".
This IDTechEx report assesses the competing technologies that will enable PCBs to be replaced with integrated electronics. It covers technologies, materials, and applications of electronics added to 3D surfaces (LDS, aerosol, valve jet/dispensing, LIFT, and emerging techniques), in-mold electronics (IME), and fully printed 3D electronics.
While partially additive 3D electronics has long been used for adding antennas and simple conductive interconnects to the surface of 3D injection-molded plastic objects, more complex circuits are increasingly being added onto surfaces made from a variety of materials by utilizing new techniques. Furthermore, in-mold electronics and 3D printed electronics enable complete circuits to be integrated within an object, offering multiple benefits that include simplified manufacturing and novel form factors. With 3D electronics, adding electronic functionality no longer requires incorporating a rigid, planar PCB into an object then wiring up the relevant switches, sensors, power sources, and other external components.
"3D Electronics/Additive Electronics 2024-2034: Technologies, Players, and Markets" analyses the technologies and market trends that promise to bring electronics into the 3D realm. Drawing from over 40 company profiles, the majority based on interviews, it assesses three distinct segments of the 3D electronics landscape: applying electronics to a 3D surface (partially additive), in-mold electronics, and fully additive electronics. Within each segment, the report evaluates the different technologies, potential adoption barriers, and application opportunities. It includes detailed 10-year market forecasts for each technology and application sector, delineated by both revenue and area/volume.
This additive electronics market report provides the following information:
Technology trends & manufacturer analysis:
  • Introduction to 3D electronics including electronics on 3D surfaces, in-mold electronics and fully additive electronics.
  • Detailed technology benchmarking on conventional and emerging metallization methods.
  • Discussion of the status, challenges and opportunities across the whole 3D electronics industry.
  • Over 30 company profiles of manufacturing equipment and material suppliers, including SWOT analysis and discussion of value proposition and targeted applications.
  • Updates from recent industry conferences (LOPEC 2023 & 2024, innoLAE 2023 & 2024, FLEX 2023).
Market forecast & analysis:
  • Market size (volume demand) and 10-year market forecast (revenue) for each manufacturing method, segmented by application.
  • Assessment of technological and commercial readiness of established and emerging techniques.
The report Table of Contents includes:
  • Executive Summary
  • Market Forecast
  • Introduction to 3D/additive electronics
  • Electronics on 3D surfaces (including 3D MID- Introduction to metallization methods for electronics on 3D surfaces
  • Laser direct structuring
  • Aerosol printing
  • Valve Jet Printing/Dispensing
  • Inkjet printing
  • Laser Induced Forward Transfer
  • Other Emerging Technologies of Metallization on 3D surfaces
  • Materials for electronics onto 3D surfaces
  • Electronics on 3D surfaces: Applications
  • Electronics on 3D surfaces: Summary
  • In-mold electronics (IME- Introduction to In-mold electronics
  • In-mold electronics: Manufacturing methods
  • In-mold electronics: Materials
  • In-mold electronics: Applications
  • In-mold electronics: Summary
  • Fully printed 3D electronic- Introduction to fully printed 3D electronics
  • Fully printed 3D electronics: Technologies
  • Fully printed 3D electronics: Materials
  • Fully printed 3D electronics: Applications
  • Fully printed 3D electronics: Summary
  • Company Profiles
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